Trusting God

Not long ago my daughter sent me a link to an interview between Anderson Cooper and Rev. Gregbory Boyle, a man who evidently runs a program for down-and-out folks.  In the interview they talk about not being taken advantage of or not ‘being used.‘   Boyle says he avoids being taken advantage of by “giving his advantage away.”  His logic is that people can’t take what he’s already given.  The result, he impplies, is that the atmosphere of the center he runs ‘is soaked with redemption.”  Now that is something I’d like to be characteristic about the endeavors of my own life.  But is it accomplished simply by giving an advantage away?  From my life experience, I’m not so sure.

painting of King David and Abigail

Recently, in my devotional reading the other day, I came across 1 Samuel 25.  It is the story of David, a man by the name of Nabal and his wife Abigail.  What struck me about the story was David’s response to Abigail’s intervention on behalf of her husband’s ill-advised behavior.  David thanks her for preventing him for taking matters into his own hands–for not allowing God to be his avenger.  I’m not always sure what scripture means when it says that David was ‘a man after God’s own heart,’ but I suspect this may have something to do with it.  Maybe Boyle and David look for the judgement — maybe the results — to come from God alone.  At the very least it gives them the assurance that when blessing comes it directly from the hand of God.  I’d say that would be a atmosphere soaked with redemption.   Maybe that is why David wanted Abigail around after Nabal’s death–she reminded him that God would redeem the advantage David offered to Him.

I’d like to offer more of my advantage, not to others, but to God as an offering.  He’ll give me more than I deserve and better yet, what He dreams for me.  It will be a place in His kingdom.  That’s what I really want.  Not worrying about whether I’m being taken advantage of.  It is a form of offering.  It is also an offering that yields results in me and the person God is forming in me.

Something worth thinking about – giving my advantage to Him; letting Him redeem whatever He has for me.


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